Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why I Hate Shopping

I have noticed something every time I visit the Container Store, or Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.

Let's say you need some organization bins for your office. You want something nice, but you aren't redecorating a Park Avenue duplex.

Doesn't it always seem like there are just two options for what you want?

On the low end of the price spectrum, you've got this.

And on the high end:

So, it's a battle between, an affordable, brittle piece of plastic that will self-destruct in less than a year, and an overpriced luxury item you'll be afraid to use.

If you're like me, you hate credit card debt, plus you're a cheap bastard. You'll go with the acrylic bin.

You take it home and arrange your items in it. After about two months, it looks a little dusty and dirty, so you grab the Windex, and no matter how carefully you handle the bin, you end up with this:

Now you've got a scratched, dulled plastic box that looks like something you found at a flea market - for 98 cents. Even if you'd used distilled water and the little cleaning cloth that came with your eyeglasses, you'd still end up with the same result. Sure, it was only 98 cents, but now you feel like a sucker, on top of feeling cheap and tacky.

As you carelessly throw your items back in this piece of shit bin, you tell yourself, "If I hadn't been so cheap, I'd have that beautiful wood bin, which would just repel the dust on its own.

And then you imagine your cat using it to sharpen it's claws.

1 comment:

Stephen R Drage said...

Go with the 98c version every time. Not only can you replace it every three weeks for 97 years before your investment equals the exotic, antique replica (probably also handcrafted in China, but you also learn an important lesson about the difference between what things are and what things do.
Like the post.
PS glad the cat is happy