Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Blogging Dead?

If any of my 2 followers are watching, they may have noticed that I haven't blogged in a while. I know - I'm beging a lazy asshole, but I think I might revisit this. Maybe I need an outlet, or maybe I need to reach Google's $100 minimum so they will send me a check.

When I was blogging, I started to develop an awful pattern of self editing while writing. This, for any writer, is fatalistic. I began to think, "Is this too politically incorrect?" "What if my boss reads this?" "Why am I talking to myself again?"

And so, my writing suffered more than a gay kid during high school gym class. I second guessed every word and lost interest.

I also began to wonder if my writing style was too cynical - that I was just bitching and complaining all the time, with nothing fun to balance it out. I imagined readers browsing my latest post, only to break into a snarl after a few seconds and muttering, "No wonder he doesn't have any fucking friends" as they typed "" into their browsers and clicked "enter."

Then there's Facebook and Twitter. No one writes stories anymore, because no one seems to have the interest in reading them. They want a single sentence blurb. They have no time for anything else.

Unfortunately, 99% of status updates sound like this:

"Almost done finishing the laundry, then time for pedicure and then GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!!!!!"


Why does life suck so much?" (I won't reply to any of your attempts to get the story out of me because I just want the attention right now)

So, I don't know what this means for me. I love telling stories. I just wish I felt more connected to my readers. Sometimes I feel like I'm sending smoke signals, and it keeps raining.

All is not lost, because as I was writing this, I just remembered a very funny story about an elderly couple, the NYC subway, and Italy. Stay tuned. It's a good one.



S said...

It's not dead.

People realized that it took time to write about themselves, and after seeing not many people cared, they slowed down or stopped altogether.

Or maybe they just got real jobs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guy-- I like your cynical writing. Don't give it up!

1Letterman said...


Your buddy from The Rules Of Stupid.

Anonymous said...

no one git or nasty it depend his/her policy.some may not understand encourage ur self encourage ur self

niceme said...

i lk make me and my intimate brother's on facebook weller

Online Blackjack said...

Over the last couple of years a number of fairly prominent bloggers have decided to shut down their blogs....

Within Without said...

I shut down my blog even though I loved it and went to Farcebook, but I have come back to blogging. I want more than a box in which to say things. Blogging is NOT dead. People will get over this fascination with Farcebook. They will be back.

Chris said...

You're right, Within. There are new blogs that are exploding right now. The decline of blogs just might be a win for those of us who stick around.