Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Blind Leading the Blind

I know that I bitch and complain about tourists here in NYC. I know that sometimes I wish they'd all single-file fall into an open sewer, but sometimes, I have pity on them.

I took a walk over to 8th avenue at lunch to check out bags at the Army and Navy store. On the way back to my office, I decided to walk into a souvenir shop to see just what kind of shit they sell in there.

And yes, it is shit. All of it. I thought it was interesting that people come all the way to NYC and feel compelled to buy shit that's Made in China.

I was captivated by the sheer volume of junk that filled the shelves of this store. As I laughed at it, I thought about how funny it is that, if I were in another country's crappy souvenir store, I'd probably be tempted to actually buy something. I know I was tempted in London and in Mexico. I remember Larry pulling me away from the souvenir store in London, as I reached for that Big Ben fridge magnet.

At the cashier, I overheard a woman in her 60s ask for directions to Bond 45, a very chic and delicious Italian restaurant that I have eaten at (courtesy of my amazing ex-boss).

Maybe I felt guilty for cursing so many tourists on my lunch break, but suddenly I thought, "I am going to help this woman. There is no way this man knows where that restaurant is. I am going to impress her and give her a story to tell when she gets back home."

"Are you looking for Bond 45 restaurant?"
"Yes, yes."
"Okay, you are going to walk out and go straight down the block." And here, I pointed in the general direction while still inside the store. "It's on 45th and seventh avenue."
"Which side of the street."
"It will be on your right."
When you see the Swatch store, keep walking. It's right there."
"Oh, thank you."

And with that, I decided to leave. That was when I realized that I pointed the woman in the opposite direction.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the city, here is a lovely map. The turquoise arrow is where I intended to send her. The purple arrow is probably where she went.

My mother always told me to mind my own business. This is probably what she meant.


Hamamama said...

was it because she was wearing flip flops and took a long ass time ordering in front of you at Starbucks??? I hope she ordered the fried calamari when she finally found it...mmmmm, can we go there???

Chris said...

LOL. Had she been wearing flip flops, I would have cursed at her under my breath.

That was the BEST fried calamari ever. Had I been alone with that plate, I would have inhaled it SO fast. It was torture trying to eat with a sense of decorum (ooh, big word Chris) in front of Marisa. I'm too much of a slob.

Get your ass to NYC and we are there.