Thursday, April 15, 2010

97 More To Go!

The ultimate diet movie is here! It's called The Human Centipede. Watch this and never eat a thing again, including that popcorn you just paid $18 for.

If this isn't the most disgusting movie concept in the history of film, then I'm straight. But you know what? After I watched it, I thought, "You know, this is so bad, it's actually funny!" Think about it: how could you NOT write the screenplay about a demented surgeon who plans to surgically attach 100 people ass-to-mouth to make a human centipede without laughing.

If this crazy shit can make it to the big screen, anything is possible. As you'll see, the trailer ends with the subtitle, "The first segment." If they really want to make future sequels fun, they should make every other segment a different race. Think of how cool that will look.

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