Monday, March 1, 2010

The New York Daily News Has Shit for Brains

You know, I rarely report on news stories, but today, I have to throw this one under the bus because I am sick to my over caffeinated stomach.

A 17 year old boy died after falling into a cesspool outside the Dunkin Donuts where he worked. He died a horrible death for nothing.

So, the douchebags at The Daily News decided that it would be funny to use the headline "What a waste" on the front page of their website. You see what they did there, those clever 12 year olds? What a "waste", get it? It's a pun, get it?

I get it - and it pisses me of. What the hell is WRONG with people? To mock the senseless death of a 17 year old kid with a tasteless joke? And I thought the New York Post was bad. Can you imagine the family going online and stumbling across this?

I am posting this screen grab here because they will most definitely change it after the flurry of angry comments piling up.

Here is the link to the article. Feel free to register and leave a nasty comment.

Fuck you, New York Daily News.

Update: Here is their unofficial "correction."


The Warden said...

You're right about the lack of taste in that headline. In the sordid race for readership, the News has become more like the Post day by day. Literally half their website is devoted to mindless celebrity stories. I wouldn't pay a nickel for either paper because that would only encourage them to do more of the same.

Chris said...

There is an entire SECTION for Tiger Woods. Really? I haven't bought a newspaper in years. They are getting trashier by the second.

Christopher said...

That's just!