Monday, September 28, 2009


Larry and I go to Bed Bath and Beyond where we pick up a new trash can for the kitchen. The pedal on current can has been broken for two and a half years, so every time I throw something out, I need to make sure I have shoes on, otherwise my barefoot will get stabbed by the metal rod exposed by the missing pedal.

The store is unbelievably crowded, so neither one of us is in the mood to browse. We pay for the new can and bolt out of the exit.

As we're walking up 6th avenue, three stupid idiots are walking three abreast, as slow as cured concrete.

They need to pay.

I try to be patient, because there is clearly no way to get around them. I slow down to put some space between us, and then, just as the three shitbags start to turn towards the crosswalk, I rush forward, letting my shopping bag (with box containing trash can) swing out away from me as I turn the corner. It hits one of the nitwits right in the leg, but I pretend not to notice.


Christopher said...

Your drawings always make my day!

Chris said...

Thank you, Christopher darling.