Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Hope It's Not Too Late

I received an email about two cats in dire need of help. The text of the email reads:

I just learned that two wonderful cats have been given up by their owners due to an ugly divorce. They have been living at the shelter for 4 months and their time is up. They will be put down TOMORROW (Thurs July 24) if they're not adopted. If you or anyone you would be interested in adopting or fostering these cats PLEASE let me know ASAP.

It is from a Kari Morris. Her number is 917-855-1681 and her email is

I hope that someone will be able to save these two cats before they are put down. And by the way, there is a special place in HELL for the couple who gave them up. People are such fucking shitbags. I wish I had THEIR contact information. What is wrong with them? They couldn't keep one cat each?

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The Warden said...

I agree that the couple are probably yuppie scum. How hard is it to keep a cat? I worked with a girl once who asked me 1,000 questions about taking care of a cat, then went out and got one, and after a few weeks she was bored and put it up for adoption.

My cat is almost 15 years old, and my brother "rescued" it from a Korean grocery back when it was a kitten because he thought they weren't taking care of it. Or maybe he thought it might end up on the menu. He passed it on to me in 1995! Either way, it's had a pretty good run, now in its 3rd apartment.