Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Don't Care How This Sounds

There's a story in the Daily News today that I'm really confused about. It claims that a couple of FDNY tests were deemed "discriminatory" because a large percentage of minority applicants failed. What annoys the shit out of me is that they don't say why. Was it rigged? Where those tests thrown out? I simply cannot fathom how race could play a role in a multiple choice test. Can someone tell me?

What exactly was it about these tests that was "discriminatory"? They never say, but apparently, just the idea of discrimination is enough to strike fear into the judicial system and I don't know why.

Or are we dealing with sore losers who think that crying racism is easier than just taking the test again?

Why aren't these tests posted? Since any lawsuit will hit the taxpayers right in the wallet, post these tests and let US decide. I don't want a penny of my hard-earned money to go into any sore loser's pocket just because our judicial system is scared of "perceived" racism.

Can I make up a story about discrimination without any proof and win a landmark victory? I'm thinking that I'll sue my ex-boss from 1999. She would not allow me to eat breakfast at my desk. That sounds discriminatory, right? What do you think?

Unfortunately, the company folded and the bitch was fired, so I technically can't sue, but give me time.

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