Friday, June 5, 2009

This Blog Post is Rated R, for RAGE

Warning: the following blog post contains profane language and severely disturbing subject matter. Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised

Joseph Petcka
Michael Vick
David Wrigley
Bechir Bejaoui

Google any one of them and you'll find a common thread: animal abuse.

You can add this cunt to the list: Cheyenne Cherry.

I often wonder if it would be worth it to seek out an animal abuser or animal killer and kill them. Would it be worth it to go to prison for a long time just to rid the world of someone who should never have been born?

I logged onto the NY Daily News website this morning and came across one of the most shocking stories of callous animal abuse I've ever read.

The cunt in question broke into her ex-roommate's apartment, trashed the place, and then threw her ex-roommate's kitten in the oven. And then she tells the police, "It was a joke."

Did she go to the Adolf Hitler School of Comedy or something? What the fuck?

I think that one of the reasons I hate Cheyenne Cherry more than all the rest is because she is a woman. Women are sensitive, kind and gentle - by default. They are born that way. The fact that this cunt is only 17 makes you wonder if there is some undiagnosed brain damage going on. It takes a seriously disturbed woman to do what she did.

In case you're wondering, the angelic kitten died, but I'm sure it suffered immensely. It's too bad she's too stupid to function in society, yet she knows how to operate a stove. I can only hope that she remembers this when she sticks her own head in the oven.

Unfortunately, our lame "justice system" will just give this vile piece of shit a slap on the wrist. She will grow up a single mother of five kids, while mooching off the welfare system - that you and I are unfortunately supporting with our tax dollars.

I think we need to stop being such pussies (pun intended) in this country when it comes to outright animal abuse. She confessed, so therefore she deserves the maximum punishment. She even said, "I hate cats."

You know what? Fuck this fucking disgusting, ugly, vile, heartless whore straight to hell where she came from. She needs to be taken out immediately. I wish I had some mafia connections because I'd be making a phone call right about now.

If I wasn't so angry right now, I'd be crying - and this wasn't even my cat! Just imagine how that ex-roommate feels right now! To know that someone who lived in your house did this to you. If anyone should kill Cheyenne Cherry, the ex-roommate should be the one holding the gun.

Even if it were an option, life in prison is not enough for this vile piece of garbage, so I'd suggest one (or all) of the following:

A) stoning
B) crucifixion
C) burning at the stake
D) a million tiny cuts with a razor, followed by a swim in the waters off of South Africa.
E) tied up and delivered naked to the Taliban
F) since she's already in the Bronx, drop her off in the lion's den at the Bronx zoo. Make sure the lions have not been fed for a while.

I think that if we manage this right, we can do all of them.

Click here to read the disgusting article.


Glory von Hathor said...

Sadistic humans come in the full range of genders. The whole women are angels thing is a con - women just usually vent their evil in different ways. But nobody normal does this.

She's probably a sociopath, and it would be prudent for her to be under forensic supervision for a significant amount of time. I'm horrified they let her out on bail under the care of her mother. How do they think she grew up to be a sociopath in the first place?

Anonymous said...

name: Cheyenne Cherry
address: 903 82nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11228
phone: (718) 833-9317

The Warden said...

Great parenting going on here. said...

I agree with Glory wholeheartedly. I know quite a few lying, manipulative, conspiring, conniving, vindictive cunts, and so do u.