Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm in McDonalds picking up breakfast on the way to see my mother. After going to the gym five days in a row, I notice that I'm definitely more calm on this Saturday morning.

I place my order and step aside. Just then, a short, ugly girl marches up to the counter to complain that she did not get the extra hash browns she ordered.

A brief back-and-forth debate takes place and after a minute, the cashier realizes that she, did fact, charge the customer without putting them in the bag.

Normally, I'd think to myself, Oh, here we go again. More stupidity at McDonalds.

But this is where things change.

The cashier brings three hash browns to the counter and apologizes while bagging them. She goes on to explain why she made the mistake. To this, I would have said, "That's okay. Things happen."

But not our little troll. To look at her, you'd think the cashier tried to steal her credit card. As the cashier continues to apologize, Ms. Victimized extends her arm and makes what can only be described as a face of disgust. Rather than say, Thank you, she gives a barely noticeable nod and stomps off.

Oh, how I wanted to kick her Blackberry out of its holster and stomp it to bits.

But I'll settle for this lovely "killustration." Click to enlarge.


joe*to*hell said...

the girl working at mcd's was white?

Hamamama said...

the return of the illustrations!!! i've missed them. hey, is the quote about the lemons by your banner new? i'm just noticing it, but

Chris said...

LOL, Joe. No, she was some kind of Indian/Pakistani. MS Paint has a very limited color palete.

Chris said...

Lori, the quote is new. I got it from Facebook. It was someone's status update and I thought it was genius.

Hamamama said...

you couldnt have said it better yourself....great line said...

Why are u bald? lol

Chris said...

Because my hair fell out from the stress. (and because I couldn't get it right.)