Friday, June 12, 2009

Click Your Battle

If you've ever been to the website Click Your Block, you might notice a trend in the Chelsea section.

Whining - lots of it.

I hate whiners. I'm talking about the hypersensitive, politically-correct should-have-never-been-allowed-into-New-York-City idiots who think the world is against them. They have no sense of humor and take the phrase "I'm gonna kill you" literally - even when it's meant as a joke.

So imagine my sheer delight when a new post appears from some crackpot by the name of "flowerlover."

Flowerlover complains writes:

Does anyone else with an apt in the back of a brownstone have a problem with noxious fumes coming in their apts from barbecue grills?

Whenever people barbecue in the backyard, toxic (yes, carcinogenic) fumes rise and collect in the apts of their neighbors who live above. The grills are often on for hours.

Barbecue fumes are a real health hazard! People who use grills in the city -- especially in brownstone backyards where there is little ventilation between buildings -- should use them briefly and immediately turn them off after cooking.

To this, I wanted to say, "Then close your windows, bitch! You're just jealous that no one invites you to their barbeques because you are such a whiny crybaby."

I didn't say that, but I said this:

If your building has adequate ventilation, I wouldn't worry. I doubt this is more dangerous than the exhaust from the thousands of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles currently on our streets.

Let's see if flowerlover has some fight in her.

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Jim said...

Now I too am eagerly awaiting a response...