Friday, May 1, 2009

New Game!

With the weather starting to warm up, I've noticed that a few of my more annoying neighbors have returned to their irritating habit of sitting on the front steps of the building at 6pm, where they gossip and generally get in everyone's way. What's worse, is that one of them always says to me, "Wait, I'll go in with you," so that I have to wait for him and his slow dog to get into the elevator. This takes forever, and the dog blocks me from both entering and exiting the elevator.

So the other day I decided to play a new game. It's called "Leave Me Alone Because I'm On the Phone."

I decided to run out and pick up dinner from the diner on the corner. I took the stairs on the way down and peeked through the small window to see that they were still sitting outside. I ran back up and grabbed my cell phone. I pretended to be on the phone while passing them, mouthing the word, "Hi," and giving them an abbreviated smile.

When I got to the corner, I turned right and closed the phone. I had a big smile on my face as I ordered dinner. When I left the diner, I popped open my cell phone. They weren't there, but I did it anyway, just in case they were lingering in the lobby. I considered having a fake conversation with a fictional client just for fun.

"So you'd like 30 of the Art Deco candle holders? I think we can do that."

I opened the door to the staircase and put the phone back in my pocket.

Looks like it's going to be a fun summer after all!


Glory von Hathor said...

Will you be putting your phone on silent, or living dangerously?

Hamamama said...

I think we were separated at birth! I used to do that when I'd pass by my dry cleaners in NYC...sometimes I'd stop by to chat, and when I didnt want to, I'd put my phone to my ear and act like I was on a call!!