Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because I'm In That Kind of Mood

Every now and again, I like to browse through the competition over at Etsy. Most days, I'm looking for ideas, or trying to determine what sells - and what doesn't.

Here is a perfect example of what won't EVER sell.

Allow me to explain why:

1. It's football themed (Steelers, whatever state that comes from). I'd imagine the market for "cute yellow and black football themed mosaic candle holders" is smaller than Britney Spears' singing range. Plus, football fans are typically straight men - and most straight men don't give a shit about mosaic candle holders.

2. It's just so fucking sloppy. For fuck's sake! The pieces are slapped on at random, and that annoys me.

3. It's not cute - or even nice to look at. Cute, colorful candle holders sell. This looks like it was made by a caveman just coming out of a coma.

4. Price. Would you pay 12 bucks for something that looks like a stomped bumble bee?

5. Black stained glass should never be used on a candle holder. EVER.

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