Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Puerto Vallarta 2008, Part 5: Setting the Tone

After a pretty lazy morning on the beach, Larry and I head over to Tropicana hotel to find David. Larry's timing is spot on as he bumps into him at the front desk.

We accompany David to his hotel room and act as his official welcoming party because this is his first trip to Puerto Vallarta.

David has a look on his face that I recognize. He's a bit tense, a touch frazzled, somewhat anxious, yet excited to be here. I was the same exact way when I first came to Puerto Vallarta, although David is much better dressed than I was, in his slacks, blazer, and loafers. No zip-off khakis here.

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We leave David in his room and go food shopping for tonight's cocktail party. Because I'm essentially useless in the kitchen, I defer to Greg and Larry and let them do their magic.

Below: Mexican Cheese Sun courtesy of Greg, guacamole, chips and salsa from Eldorado restaurant, assorted chips from OXO convenience store.

Since the sun is still out, I turn my attention to photographing the apartment, which is where I would want to live if this were my Mexican vacation home.

And I can't resist that gorgeous view...

The view is just as gorgeous after the sun sets and the moon comes out.

After cocktails, we head to La Palapa for dinner.

How You Know You're Not in NYC: when there is a group of 20 at the next table and you can hear each other without having to yell.

(I know this is a rather boring entry, but trust me, I'm just laying the groundwork here, kids. You'll see.)

To Be Continued...


Christopher said...

Oh that view...color me well jealous! Looking forward to the rest of the tale....ooooh...did Larry sell you into white slavery just for shits 'n giggles?

nikoeternal.com said...

I'm confused. Is "the apartment" where u stayed? Time share?

nikoeternal.com said...

N/m, just read your reply.