Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Guess I Need to Lower my Standards, Then

Everybody makes New Year's resolutions, but how many people stick to them?

Since I figured that I might slip at some point, I made a list of several resolutions last year. I avoided calling them resolutions, since that would add to the pressure.

Here is last year's Goals for 2008 list in it's entirety. The items I crossed out are those which never materialized.

Finish my book (or just get as far as printing out what I've written so far)

Go to the gym every single day (at least on the days when the temperature is above freezing)

Be less judgmental (maybe be more discriminating when applying the word "motherfucker"?)

Be more organized (don't forget things as much, write things down)

Be less "moody" (find vendor for Xanax online)

Learn something new (stop living in oblivion)

Make friends (stop screening calls)

Learn to be patient (stop cursing at the tourists in Times Square)

Be more sympathetic to other people's problems (fake it)

Happy New Year!

2 comments: said...

Might as well just make a quantum leap into an embryo and start over 'cause that's who u are lol

Jim said...

I try to set my goals for the new year n a more achievable level. Like the year I vowed, "To call bullshit on people faster and louder." That was a resolution I found easy to assimilate.