Monday, November 17, 2008

Or, Maybe She Just Can't Read

I went to Gristedes last night because I needed laundry detergent. Of course, it was impossible to compare prices because nothing was marked, and the shelf labels were a mess. $17.99, $11.99, $7.99?

I picked out a bottle that had a $3.99 sticker on it. It said "Frozen $3.99", so I put it back, thinking that someone peeled that label off from a box of frozen corn and put it on this detergent as a joke.

I found another bottle that said "Grocery $3.99." Feeling confident, I went to the cashier.


It rang up at $4.49. I told the callous cow woman in the blue vest, "This says $3.99." She sighed like I interrupted her lunch break, then yelled that she needed the key to correct the price.

Here are my questions:

1. If there is a PRICE TAG on the item, should this be taken into account when ringing it up? Or is the price tag part of their Thanksgiving decor?

2. Why must I still feel intimidated and shamed by militant, tattooed, straight-out-of-prison cashiers for correcting the mistakes of both the store and the cashier?

3. Why aren't these hostile bitches fired and replaced with civil people? People need jobs in this economy and this cow has been there a LONG time. She should know that she can be replaced with someone nice.

The End.

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