Friday, October 17, 2008

Da Hole

It's extremely rare, but sometimes I am the shit-head.

Each night, I come home to find the apartment in a different state. One night, we have two bathrooms, the next, we have to use the toilet in one and the shower in the other. One night, you have a kitchen on the lower level, the next, you have to cook dinner in the toaster oven. One night you might have a fully-functioning murphy bed, and the next, you're wrestling the mattress onto the living room floor.

The big change I had been waiting for was the cutting of the "hole," which would make the past 10 months of suffering finally worth it.

I knew from my conversation with Larry that they had "rough-cut" the hole and convered it with plywood. They would come back the next day to remove the supporting beams.

I also knew that the bathroom floor had been tiled (correctly, this time) and I was anxious to see that as well. I came home and bounded through the door like a big stupid dog (no offense to dog lovers). "Duh, lemmie see da bathroom!" I said to Larry.

I heard a big, scary crack, and Larry yelled at me for almost falling to my death. He's so dramatic.

Oh, and did I tell you that we have cameras in the apartment now? Click to enlarge.


Hamamama said...

i think you guys should be in the modern day version of "the money pit" - a terrible movie with tom hanks and shelly long (remember her?

Chris said...

I was thinking that a reality show would be fun. They could follow me around while I try to find a clean plate to eat the food I took home from yesterday's office lunch. said...

lol....worth the wait!

Glory von Hathor said...

I clicked over to your blog from your hilarious mothra comment over at cakewrecks.

Your diagrammatical skills have greatly impressed/amused me.

Chris said...

Niko, I'm glad you got your money's worth.

Glory, Thank you for your praise! I have spent many a bored night at business school fine tuning my MS Paint skills.