Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Like many companies, mine employs an internet filter service designed to keep us from cruising porn during work hours. While I don't really know who the hell would be so retarded, I can understand the concern.

This morning, I was annoyed when a good chunk of the images on my blogs were blocked. Nothing but little red Xs where the pictures would be.

When you clicked on them, you would see this:

Here is a partial list of blocked images. See if you can find the "pornography"

A mosaic
A donkey
A deli
A bathroom
Madonna (alright, maybe in 1992)
A shopping cart
An eCard
Several of my illustrations, regardless of content or image name.

My point is that this stupid "filter service" doesn't know what the hell it's doing. And it seems to be alive, because it keeps changing what images it's blocking.

Jesus, SonicWall, go find some real law breakers.


vidis said...

I know.. i can't stand when your job expects you to wrok! I mean really! ;-) However, I do miss my last boss - who was an uber-perv and he used to make me run to his office to check out stuff he was looking at on craigslist and other xxx sites - oh the good old days!

vidis said...

Oops... you better wrok! ... I meant work.

1Letterman said...

You know it's something really, really bad when your favorite porn site blocks something.

Christopher said...

My dirty little mind can see the porn in just about all of those words...but seriously, damn Big Brother and his double plus Un-fun!

Glory von Hathor said...

I briefly worked in psychosexual health, and had to complete all manner of googling and on-line research to find out about what those crazy kids are up to these days. Cosmo was a shoddy teacher.

I really hoped that I.T. would come and question me about my webhistory, but disappointingly it never happened...