Friday, September 5, 2008

Why Not Just Ask if You Can Share?

Here is a surveillance still from the camera in the mensroom the other day. Note that while there are TWO empty stalls, some "unidentified coworker" has decided to wait it out.

There are no words for how weird it was turn around and see someone standing there, and then have to awkwardly switch places so I could go to the sink and wash my hands.

Now, in his defense, he is not originally from this country, so bathroom etiquette might not even exist over there, but if common sense doesn't tell you, "Hey! I can pee into that toilet instead of hovering at the urinal" then I'm staying far, far away from you.

To recap:

- If you enter the bathroom and someone is at the urinal, you must pretend there is no urinal there at all and seek a toilet instead.

- If the urinal and the stalls are occupied, that means that the bathroom is FULL. There is no room for you in there. You must leave the bathroom completely and hold it in while you wait out in the hall for someone to leave.


joe*to*hell said...

i think you are missing the cruising factor. he was trying to get a glimpse of your spanokopita

vidis said...

Only one urinal? That sucks, no eye-candy peeking pee break :(
I understand since my job has the same set up - BUT/T - the worst is the moron who comes in after you're already there in the stall and they go into the other stall and then as you flush, then they do too, and come out the same time, and even make small talk as you wash up! NO!... I don't want to know who I just %#$@ next to, and hells no, I don't want to hear about your weekend!
Aaargh! said...

Joe took da words right outta my keyboard, but it's a loukaniko Joe. Spanakopita rarely comes in sausage form! Even souvlaki woulda worked, but that conjures images of skewers in the wee wee hole! :-X

Scooter said...

At least he didn't pee in one of the two sinks.