Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sign Us Up!

I got another cold call today.

ME: (company name omitted), how can I help you?

IDIOT: Who am I speaking with?

For fuck's sake.

ME: I'm sorry, where did you say you were calling from?

IDIOT: New York City, Midtown.

ME: (rolling eyes) I mean, what is the name of your company?

IDIOT (name omitted)

ME: Hold on please.


ME: I have another shifty salesperson on the phone.

LORI: Transfer him to me.

(This is how we like to play with them)

LORI: This is Lori.

IDIOT: I'm looking for the office manager.

LORI: What is it regarding?

IDIOT: I'm looking for the office manger.

LORI: What is it regarding?

IDIOT: You're being really rude.


LORI: He hung up. He wouldn't talk to me.

(two seconds later)

ME: (company name omitted), How can I help you?

IDIOT: Did you just hang up on me?

ME: Hold on please. (transfers call again)

(two seconds later)

LORI: He said he was going to complain to (higher up manager in company).

Brilliant! Because the only real way to build a lasting relationship with a company is through hostility and intimidation, using the name of someone who has little to do with office management and whose name you likely plucked from a press release.


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Hamamama said...

Customer service at it's finest!!! Pleasure doin' bizness with you!! WTF?