Monday, August 11, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Written it Down

I'm using the bathroom in the downstairs apartment when I hear the toilet running. I open the tank and make it stop by pulling gently on the part that controls the water. It stops, and I replace the cover.

It starts again, so I lift the tank cover and realize that the little rubber stopper thingie is deformed and has developed a slow leak, which causes the water level in the tank to drop and triggers the little hose thingie to start again. I will have to tell Mr. Fixit Larry, as I am sucky at home repairs.

I decide that I will go upstairs and tell him - in Spanish. In my head, I rehearse the crude Spanglish and laugh out loud. Necessitamos nuevo toilet flapper para banyo (and then I would point downstairs)

Upstairs, I stand before Larry like I am about to address the UN.

"Larry, since we need to brush up on our Spanish for our trip to Mexico in the fall, I'm going to tell you this in Spanish." He smirks. "Okay..."

I pause and compose myself.

"Larry...we need a new toilet flapper."


Hamamama said...

Muy bien...all that Chipotle is rubbing off -- by the way, when are we going back? I'll have the form ready!!

Chris said...

Very very soon, my dear.