Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost in the Clouds

On Friday evening, I was getting ready to leave the office when my sister called me. No one ever calls me on my cellphone during the day, so I worried.

"There's a tornado watch for Manhattan until 5:45," she said.

"Get the fuck out? Really?"

She wasn't kidding. I looked out the window and saw that the sky was getting dark. Lori came to my desk and we both looked out together.

"Holy SHI!" I yelled. Look at the clouds! They're starting to form a tornado!

I ran back to my desk to take out my camera. I had left it home. All week long, it was in my bag and that morning I decided, "Why do I need to lug this around?"

Luckily, Lori had her iPhone with her (show off) and aimed it at the sky. The clouds were so ominous and low that you could almost touch them.

In this exclusive photo, only on Decaf is a Sin, you can see the clouds beginning to swirl. Look in the center of the photo.

Did you see it? I cropped out the part and outlined the direction the clouds were starting to swirl.

And then the clouds dissapated and I left the office - only to get caught in the rain because I forgot my fucking umbrella.

Thanks to Lori for her camera and Dina for the hot tip.


Angela said...

Chris - remember: Dina always has hot tips!!!! LMAO said...

looks like a break in the clouds to me...tornados start as funnels, but yeah its not that uncommon to have tornado warnings, i think a few actually touched down in westchester last year.

Chris said...

Silly, silly Niko..

We saw the clouds spiraling. It actually happened.

Be gone, before a house falls on you too. said...

I'll get u my pousti, and your little cat too!

Chris said...

Dammit, I forgot to put the Wizard of Oz reference in there. All is ruined now!