Friday, August 29, 2008

I Said, "NO SUGAR!"

Here is a screen shot from the surveilence camera at Dunkin Donuts in Astoria. I only go here to get coffee for my mother, who prefers them over Starbucks. She owes me, bigtime.

(click to enlarge)

Things to note:

- There are seven dipshits people behind the counter, jockeying for position around a single cash register.

- They've not yet figured out that they have a SECOND register that would make life a lot easier for them and their customers.

- They have two tip jars, which humorously read, "Tips for exceptional service," when you can't even get NORMAL service out of these monkeys.

Not shown:

- Having to scream your order over the three or four people ahead of you because, even with seven dipshits behind the counter, they are slower than dried concrete and get backed up quickly.

- Having to repeat your order three times because they are all off the fucking boat.

- Curses hurled in their general direction.

- Tables mostly filled with old Greeks, who will sit there all day long and gossip, then stare at you as you walk by.


Hamamama said...

brilliant -- now can you do a similar chart for Duane Reade on Sixth Ave, but more customers and few dipshits, I mean cashiers, AT LUNCH HOUR. Thanks. (the bum can remain in the same spot).

1Letterman said...

This is perfect. And true of any Dunkin Donuts on this planet or any other.

I bet you they'd hear you quite clearly if you WHISPERED, "I'm calling immigration and naturalization..."

There'd be an exodus for the exits, all wearing bright pink smocks.

Angela said...

Ah - Chris darling - you forgot to mention the oldies style loud Greek music playing on the little transistor radios... LMAO

Steven said...

Remind me never to get coffee at Dunkin' Donuts in Astoria.

Gledwood said...

Starbuxx is going to tank, it is predicted this side of the pond:

"because we did without $4 cappucinos b4 the credit crunch, and we'll do without them again"...

yes a simple coffee in Starbuxx here is really about $4. Bet things are half the price YOUR side of ye olde Ponde...

Gledwood said...

Investment Banker:

bet YOU're not worried about $4 here or there

is it true you earn $250,000 a year ++ $2.5 million bonus???

Do tell!

Chris said...

Oh, gledwood. Had you been reading this blog all along, you would know that, although I work in that industry, I DO NOT make that kind of money. Not even close.

People with that kind of money don't blog. They have lives. And houses in the Hamptons.