Friday, July 18, 2008


Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the poster for Waterworld 2 Swing Vote. It's amazing what you'll find in the trash.


- Red should be the dominant color, so as to confuse the Republicans.

- Kevin needs to look like a "regular guy," so make sure he doesn't shave, shower or sleep three days before the shoot. I want him in an old faded t-shirt and backwards ball cap. He must have ZERO sex appeal. Shoot for "homeless."

- The photo with the most chins and wrinkles wins. There is to be NO airbrushing, but if you can find a way to enhance his massive, wing-like crows feet, even better. Darken his teeth a little if you have to.

- We want the logo to reflect the 100K budget of the movie, so find a typeface that looks like we peeled it off a can of RC Cola.

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Jim said...

Better yet, scew it. We don't have any budget for a photo shoot. Just get some crappy still from the set. We can crop it in really close.