Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today's The Day - or Maybe Not

It must be fate. Today, Madonna's brother's book comes out. I would love to flip through it at Barnes and Noble at lunch (still have no plan to buy it), but my plan is thwarted by some stoopid baseball parade that cuts right up 6th avenue, making a quick trip to 5th avenue impossible today.

Fucking sports. WTF? Have your stupid baseball parade up in the Bronx.

Update: I actually did manage to get to the store.

When I walked in (with sunglasses on) I decided I would track down the book myself, but after 5 minutes, I gave up, walked over to an obviously gay employee and practically whispered, "Do you have My Life with My Sister Madonna?"

He directed me upstairs to were it was displayed on one of the front tables. I got goosebumps and as I picked it up, I noticed A) it wasn't on sale and B) that I felt dirty, like I was reading someone's diary.

I flipped through the pictures and was annoyed that the book was displayed in such a prominent area where I couldn't read it without attracting attention to myself.

Do I:
A) Buy it?
B) Wait for a used (possibly damaged) copy on Amazon?
C) Walk away from temptation?
D) Get someone to buy it for me so I won't feel guilty about it?
E) Wait for some embittered fan to scan and post the entire book online?


Anonymous said...

Not in my backyard thanks!

Vidis said...

Why don't you go to the parade? You might find Madawna riding on A-Rod's, erm.... float ;-)
Or maybe even her brother for that matter!
Keep, keep it together.

Hamamama said...

Vidis - I was going to write the same thing! I saw Madonna on A-Rod's float! :) haha

Vidis said...

I say "E"

1Letterman said...


My scanner is busted, dammit.

nikoeternal.com said...

I can only wonder if u were wearing crotchless leather panties with an S&M ball gag in ur mouth while being flogged with riding crops by various bears and their cubs when "YOU" were displayed on that front table!!!!!!! :-D

Chris said...

Uh, oh. The Typo Nazi has returned everyone! Look out!