Wednesday, July 9, 2008


How not to get on my good side.

ME: (company name ommitted)...
ASSHOLE: Who am I speaking with?
ME: Who am I speaking with?
ASSHOLE: No, who am I speaking with?


I fucking HATE it when pushy asshole salespeople do that to me. YOU are calling ME. Identify that I can hang up on your anyway.


Christopher said...


Even though we've yet to meet, I can still picture you slamming the phone down in disgust!...well done!

1Letterman said...

I like to have an hour long conversation with such types, asking them questions into minutia regarding what they are selling.

I get them all worked up at the prospect of a sale. Milking them. Letting them think that answering my questions is leading me slowly toward an inevitable purchase.

Then, after about an hour, I just say, "Nah. On second thought, I don't want to because you're an asshole."

THEN I hang up.