Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe a Billboard Would Help

Last week, you may remember that I tried to get back on the South Beach diet wagon.

Not only did I fall off the wagon, but the horses got away, and then the wagon crashed and burst into a fireball. This all happened quicker than you can say "Entenmann's chocolate cake."

So, last night I tried again. I boiled up a bunch of eggs, put two in a container, and stuck a Post-ItTM note on the front door to remind me to take the eggs with me for breakfast.

And I forgot the fucking eggs. Of course, I was too far from home by the time I remembered, too.

I used to complain about my mother nagging me when I was a kid. "Do your homework!" "Don't forget your lunch!" "Stop playing with matches!"

Maybe she needs to move in with me. Clearly, I can't make it on my own.


joe*to*hell said...

i hope you went to the nearest deli and got yourself something fatty for breakfast. i mean, eggs are good for you and all proteiny and shit, but they are foul and when they are hard boiled they smell like dog shit

1Letterman said...

I keep a large cinder block in my place.

When I need to remember to do something, I place it on front of the door with a note on it.

Since I can't leave till I move the cinder block, I always get reminded.

So, my cinder block method is infallible and works much better than the "dead body" method I had been using.

Chris said...

Joe, that just means they didn't cook the eggs long enough and they're still "mushy" and that's why they stink.

Letterman, maybe I'll put a sign on my cat, since he's always following me around or blocking my exit.

Vidis said...

You can leave notes on your cat and then post it here -