Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Can't Wait for Him To Call Back

You may remember this previous post where I battled a telemarketer who tried to get over on me. (You may also not care at all.)

Well, I'm pretty sure he called again today.

JERK: Who am I speaking with?
ME: (pause) This is Chris, how can I help you?
JERK: Oh, sorry. Didn't hear your name there. This is Paul calling for service with the copier.
ME: (fake surprise) Oh, are you calling from IKON?
JERK: (delighted to have tricked me) Yes!
ME: No...you're not.


Why do I know to hang up right away? Because A) IKON (our copy repair company) would have identified themselves, and B) I'm pretty sure it was Interstate Imaging, a company known for tricking people into buying toners from them and then billing them at ridiculous rates. They are cockroaches.

This would also explain why he wanted my name - so he could use that as leverage when billing us. Motherfucker.

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1Letterman said...

You could also try another of my ploys...

"Do you sell toner?"


"Great! Who do YOU buy YOUR toner from, because I can get it for you at a great price!"

"Uh, well...I don't really know..."

"Who makes that decision? Could you get me their number? I really can save you tons..."