Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Go Get Em, Boys

I get a LOT of those stupid Nigerian email scams, as some of you have seen me complain about. Sometimes I will reply with some "bad language," and sometimes I will attempt to bait them, but I get so many that I can't remember who I've cursed out and who I've baited. The fun often ends before it starts.

In any event, here is a great website for those looking for revenge - and these guys from the UK have it down to a science. There are photos and videos from the scammers themselves, performing tasks in an effort to get money - that doesn't exist.

It's brilliant, just brilliant.

419 Eater.

Their YouTube page is here.

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Hamamama said...

You jinxed me -- I got two scam emails back-to-back yesterday. the first one was from Mr. Walter Williams, who says he can give me a loan. The second one was from the UK National Lottery -- I won, I won!!! It's my lucky day!! 419 Eater, here I come!