Monday, July 21, 2008

Drumroll Please

I shall attempt to cook something new tonight: Chicken Curry in a Hurry. I found it on a website called

What I like about this website is how the pictures have step-by-step instructions, so even a bad cook like me has a fighting chance. I chose it because it's very low in carbs, if you ignore the sour cream, which to me, doesn't count because it's not bread or rice.

I went to the supermarket at lunch because I don't have Curry powder. The closest they had was Curry "blend" seasoning. We'll see if that makes much difference.

I just need to go to Gristinky's and get ripped off purchase an onion and sour cream.

A full update tomorrow. Maybe a picture or two.


1Letterman said...

Sour cream, when not purchased, tastes of valor and victory.

Hamamama said...

sounds so good...if you call in sick tomorrow i will know it was not a success....just kidding!!!! said...

I hope it was a disaster only because it would make for fun reading! :-P