Friday, August 29, 2008

The Agony

I am so vacation starved, it's just sad at this point. I haven't had a true vacation since last August.

So, every once in a while, I Google "Puerto Vallarta" and swoon at the pictures that come up. Is it November 29th yet? Because this will be the most deserved vacation we've taken since I slaved worked at a certain high-end designer's sweatshop store on Madison Avenue.

Although this picture was not taken by me, it might as well have been. It's so painfully familiar that I get sucked right into it. I know just by looking at it, that it was taken in the mid-morning, because of the angle of the sun and the wetness of the sand, from the overnight tide.

I want to be there. Right now. I don't care that there will be 35 vendors selling everything from raw oysters to jewelry. I want to be there, to hear the ocean's waves crashing to shore, to see the blue sky, to do nothing - for a week.

I can't take it. Are we there yet?


1Letterman said...

You're still there. It's still August.

Everything else has just been a bad dream.

Jennie said...

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In order to affect change, consumers need to only accept oysters that are SAFE through post harvest processing or through being cooked. Consumer demand drives the market and the industry would be forced to provide oysters that did not lead to unnecessary deaths.

The website has a wealth of information available and also explains how you can help in making the consumption of oysters safe for everyone.