Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Most Awkward Thing You Will Ever See

What's more embarrassing for a celebrity?

Doing infomercials?
Performing for a bunch for tourists and their kids?

Maybe Fergie can answer that question for us after this early morning performance at the Today Show. Don't worry, sound is not a requirement if you're at work, because it's the visuals that matter. Here are my favorite parts:

1:33 - The girl in the white shirt tries to get Fergie's attention by waving to her
2:07 - A city bus to rolls through the background.
2:17 - Fergie almost gets hit in the face by her bass player
2:50 - Fergie crawls around and writhes in front of very young children awkwardly positioned at the very front of the stage
3:11 - Fergie does cartwheels for no reason at all. The city will never be the same.

I can just imagine that the 20 or so people that showed up had no idea who she was and only came because they were swept up by overzealous producers desperate to fill up the space.

"Do you guys want to see Fergie?"
"Who's Fergie?"
"You'll be on television..."

And you just know that after the show, she was screaming at her manager, "Who put those fucking kids at the front of the stage?"

[source: I'm Bringing Blogging Back]


Vidis said...

Is she back on meth?
i thought the carwheels were pretty hot actually ;)

Lj said...

Ummmm....yeah I may have chosen another song to do on a MORNING show. Shakin that a$$ in front of those kids is a little much for 8 a.m. Although I do have to give her props for being able to continue singing while doing one handed cartwheels! Wow!