Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm NOT Obsessed!

Tickets for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour went on sale today at 9:00. Like any other rabid fan, I logged on to as soon as Internet Explorer would let me.

I'm sure you're dying to know what happened, but before we discuss today's ticket search, let's take a look back at previous attempts to purchase Madonna tickets.

Girlie Show (1993) - Wait on line outside HMV on the Upper East Side. Run up to ticket counter and get chastised for running.

Drowned World (2001) - Travel to HMV in Harlem with a friend, assuming no fan in their right mind would dare go up there. Of the 50 people on line, about 40 are scalpers and 10 are fans. The "wrist band" policy of the day fails miserably as the shady management allows all the seedy, dirty scalpers in ahead of us. We watch, cursing them under our breath as they all leave with hands full of tickets. Pre-cell-phone panic rules as we fight over what was left. Cheer as HMV eventually goes out of business.

Reinvention Tour (2004) - First shot at ordering tickets online. Excitement becomes too much and I end up with 7 tickets. Sell two to my boss at face value, use two for myself, sell one to a friend, then sell the last two on eBay - at a loss.

Confessions Tour (2006) - Buy three tickets - all expensive. Use one for myself on the first night, drag Larry to the second show, but only because the seats are separate and no one should know how you act when the lights go down and the show starts.

Sticky & Sweet Tour (2008) - Log onto immediately. Become picky, scouring for the best possible seat. Forget ticketmaster password during purchase. Reset password, but continue to search for tickets like an ass. Get locked out of for 24 hours.