Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well, the jig is up. My sister now knows what I've been secretly calling her since last summer.

We were sitting in a diner, waiting to order our lunch. My cellphone rang. It was my mother. She wanted to remind me to bring her something on the way home. I already knew this, because she'd told me about six times. This would be number seven.

I closed my phone and set it down on the table next to my coffee.

"Let me see your phone," asked my sister, always a little too curious. She's like a cat that way.

Since she and I haven't been fighting the way we were last year at this time, I simply handed over the phone.

She flipped it open and within seconds, her motive was revealed.

"Who's Godzilla?" she asked, having gone into my contacts.
"Nobody," I lied.

Undaunted, she selected the Godzilla contact, and saw that her cellphone number was attached to it.

"I'm Godzilla?" she asked.
I laughed. "Well, you pissed me off, so..."
"Did you just do this?"
"No, it's been like that since last summer. You deal with stress your way, I'll deal with it my way."
"You...jerk," she said, laughing. I wondered if she only laughed because she didn't want to make a scene in the diner. Would she lay into me out in the street? Hit me with her purse? Call the police?

In end, she did nothing, probably not wanting me to change Godzilla to Annie


Steven said...

That's hilarious.

Hamamama said...

My mind is spinning as to what name my number is saved under on your cell. Slacker? Lazy? Nuisance? Oh, the options are endless! :)