Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where are My Ear Plugs?

Dear Oblivious Idiot (aka Clackette)

Just wanted to (clack!) let you (clack!) know that (clack!) it's a little (clack!) distracting (clack!) when you (clack!) march past my (clack!) work area (clack!)(clack!)(clack!) with those (clack!) noisy, (clack!) ugly open-back (clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!)(clack!) pleather flats.

For someone who weighs as little as you, the amount of noise I have to contend with is astonishing. Please buy closed back shoes. Or I may kill you.

Thank you.


Hamamama said...

SO WORTH THE WAIT. i love it! thanks, chris

Nemo said...

what do you have against pleather?

Vidis said...

OMFG! I can't stand those people! I always let them pass me when they're claking right up my ass!
My old job there was this stupid bitch "dancer" wannabe, who would drag her feet on the carpet (too lazy to pick them up as she walked?) and I wanted to saw her ankles off!
I feel for ya kiddo!

Chris said...

Oh, and did I mention she drags her feet, too?