Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just Let It Out

I think I'm having some sort of mid-life crisis. Now, don't take this personally, any of you, but...I'm sick of everything today.

I'm sick of people.
I'm sick of blogging.
I'm sick of writing.
I'm sick of food.
I'm sick of boredom.
I'm sick of stupidity.
I'm sick of rain.
I'm sick of phone calls.
I'm sick of stupid questions.
I'm sick of monotony.
I'm sick of my body.
I'm sick of having no friends.
I'm sick of obligations.
I'm sick of responsibilty.
I'm sick of my (never finished) book.
I'm sick of never getting enough sleep.
I'm sick of never being able to take a day off - just to be alone.
I'm sick of carefully wording each and every post in my blog just because some uptight asshole just might read it and take offense because he/she/it has no sense of humor and can't look in the fucking mirror and realize that he/she/it is more flawed than he/she/it will ever admit.


Vidis said...

Now, now young lad, fret not, you are not alone - just sing my tune ~


Hamamama said...

you just came up with your own tshirt...i'll send it to the typesetter now...hang in there...i think it's the weather!

eleni said...

having a bad day, sweets?
hang in there...I agree with hamamama, it's the weather...

Steph said...

Oh My God...don't be sick of blogging...you are what gets me out of bed and on my way to work every morning! Hope that's not too much pressure!

Chris said...

I'm sorry guys, but to be honest, I felt a lot better after writing that. Very therapeutic.