Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weather Tease

I don't know if this is common practice in other parts of the world, but here in New York, some of our evening newscasts include something annoying I like to call The Weather Tease.

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The Weather Tease occurs during the 10:00 newscast. It involves a series of shortened weather updates (or teasers) that lead up to the official forecast towards the end of the newscast. There are usually about two and they are about as effective as using a fly swatter to put out a fire.

The Weather Tease doesn't really tell you anything and typically amounts to, "Something 'big' is happening, but we won't tell you what just yet. So stay tuned - later. Sucker." About half way into the show, we'll get another "update" that is just as useless as the first one.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the Weather Tease needs to be stopped. For a few reasons.

1. Hype for the Sake of Hype - Unless a hurricane, heatwave, or blizzard is fast approaching, most weather forecasts are boring, propped up by ten dollar words and overly enthusiastic white-toothed weather forecasters resorting to cheap jokes to hold our attention long enough to get to the end.

2. The Blessed Internet - Why sit through Mr. G's corny jokes when you can just go to and get everything you need? And they'll give you the 10-day forcast, instead of just the 7-day.

3. Competition - NY1 gives you the weather every ten minutes. Why would you watch the stupidly titled "MY 9" News, which sounds like a desperate ploy to attract the younger MySpace generation, when you can tune in at 10:01 and get your weather right up front?

4. Embarrassment - You'd think that with all the technology available to them, that the forecast would be accurate, but mostly it's not. Despite the in-depth explanations, the forecast for rain brings nothing. The forecast for three-to-five inches of snow brings a dusting.

Here's a great idea. Just put the fucking weather report at the front of the newscast and call it a day. And, when you think about it, do we really even need a "meteorologist" up there? He's only reading from a teleprompter anyway. Just give it over to one of the other newscasters and spare us the ego, bad jokes and suffering.


Irv Gikofsky said...

why are you picking on me??? thanks for not making fun of my hair.

Vidis said...

You're right! Stop with all the bullshit and just get on with the weather already - accurately!
It used to be worth waiting for when Sam Champion was diesel in his 20's & 30's and I would watch it with my auntie and I knew something she didn't...and it wasn't a forecast prediction ;)