Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Name is Qris

Short Quiz:

Your name is Jacqueline. You are also a complete moron. What would you use for short?

A) Jacquie
B) Jackie
C) Jacky
D) Linda
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A) Jacquie. I saw this today and it just pissed me the fuck off. Why do people DO this? Stop it! You'll never be known for having an offbeat spelling of your name, so just stick with what people will know how to spell. It's one thing if you're a pop star, but quite another if you'll be dealing with people (like me) who will call you out and mock you on their blogs because they're in a bad mood today and are in desperate need of a vacation.


Anonymous - don't wanna get fired ;) said...

This is too funny - my boss is Jacqueline and she is a moron!

Maxsome said...

Wha tis all da fuss about? Why you so mad?

Christopher said...

I know the feeling...I used to work with a GUY that spelled his name: Chryss

This drove me mad ...I mean maybe I could've handled the "y" for an "i", but 2 f*ckin "s's" ???!!!

Steven said...

I know a girl who spells it the same way. She's not an idiot, though.