Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Few. The Retarded. Our Marines.

By now, you may have seen the sickening, revolting, disgusting, nauseating, horrible, fucked-up, stupid, retarded, moronic, heartless, brainless, idiotic, senseless, and downright vexing "puppy toss" video.

If you have not, I will sum it up for you. Two of our "finest" military boys, in this case, Marines, have been caught on video throwing a puppy off a cliff.

Yes, you read right. It doesn't get any more fucked up than that. This is, perhaps MORE infuriating than my last two animal abuse posts, since there is video proof to go along with the story. A video that some are claiming to be fake.

I wish it were fake, but it seems pretty real to me. As real as that smug motherfucking Marine who shrugs as if he'd just tossed a soda can out the window of his Hummer.

These three low-life scumbags have yet to be caught, but I'm sure they will, because, if they're stupid enough to videotape themselves doing this, then they're stupid enough to brag about it after the fact. They obviously want attention. And boy, are they getting it.

So, in accordance with tradition, let's play Internet Justice.

What's the most appropriate punishment for the three fucktards shown in the horrible "puppy toss" video?

A) Crucifixion
B) The Rack
C) Stoning
D) Involuntary sex change operation
E) all of the above, plus execution by firing squad, drowning, stabbing, and electrocution.

Fucking bastards.

(Thanks to Lori for the tip)


Hamamama said...

i couldnt have said it better, chris. i'm still speechless.

Matt said...

Wow. Jeez. "E", no hesitation.

I wish I hadn't watched that. Especially hearing the puppy yelp.

My dogs are happily playing outside. I think I'll go feed them lots of bacon now. *sniff*

Scooter said...

Water boarding! Hey, it's still legal, isn't it???

nikoeternal.com said...

First I was partial to D., but having seen the video, I'm for E. all the way. (OK, maybe not ALL THE WAY, but some of that at least)

dave in milwaukee said...

Maybe I'm more humane, and don't want us to stoop to the level of these shitweasels. So my vote is five years in the Brig. And being forced to spend sixteen hours each day with their eyelids propped open (like the scene in "A Clockwork Orange"), watching this video over and over again.

But, that being said, no one should judge the entire Marines Corps by a very few aberrant sicko assholes like these.