Sunday, March 9, 2008

Euro-Trash Brunch

The purpose of this recipe is to finish off the rock hard pita chips in the refrigerator which I've discovered actually soften up in the toaster oven. It's great for aggravating a hangover.

Euro-trash Pita Chip Brunch

Pita chips (taken from Mediterranean-themed luncheon at work)
Olive Oil
1 gallon Stupidity

Equipment Needed
Small bowl, white
Working toaster oven
Aluminum foil

1. Line toaster oven rack with aluminum foil to keep chips from falling through grill.

2. Gently place pita chips on foil and close door. Turn to toast cycle.

3. Place small amount of "dipping oil" in bowl and set aside.

4. Return to browsing internet.

5. Go into kitchen to see that you have completely scorched the pita chips.

6. Open living room window to create "draft" that will allow smoke from toaster oven to get sucked out via exhaust vent in kitchen wall, thus avoiding activation of smoke alarm.

7. Slowly open toaster oven, allowing small amounts of smoke to escape at a time.

8. Remove burnt pita chips and place into bowl with olive oil. Discover new taste sensation of firewood and gasoline.

9. Return to kitchen, placing remaining pita chips on toaster oven rack in an effort to remove firewood taste from mouth. Do not leave the confines of the kitchen, but monitor the activity in the toaster oven.

10. Place pita chips in bowl and return to computer. Start blog entry, entitled, "Euro-Trash Brunch"

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You should tell people when you have these moments of cullinary brilliance and charge admission lol