Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Isn't the Stock Market Closed Today?

Despite my numerous letters, emails and phone calls, the government refuses to acknowledge today, my "21st" birthday, as an official holiday. Oh well, there's always next year. Until then, I'll have to make due with "Presidents' Day" on Monday.


(And if this was my kid, he wouldn't be fed solid food until he was 25.)


Hamamama said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! Have a great day and thanks for the hilarious blog.

Your Decaf Fans

Vidis said...


dave in milwaukee said...

Happy Birthday, Chris--I hope your celebration dinner is a little more appetizing than the one in the photo!

P.S.--As a parent, I can tell you that any shit-for-brains who is stupid enough to serve spaghetti & meatballs--or whatever the hell that disgusting mess is--to a baby, richly deserves all the misery they will soon suffer! :D

Chris said...

Thank you Lori!

Thank you Vidis!

Thank you Dave!

(As for the rest of you out there, there's still time to send gifts, bags of cash and expensive cars)

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

Happy "21st" Birthday Chris!

Buy yourself some Happy!

WillySmith said...

That kid looks allot like me at that age - and, let's face it, not much has change - shorter chairs though.

Chris said...


After reading your blog, I must say it's an honor to have to comment here. said...

*cough* 21st? lol