Thursday, February 28, 2008

Piece of Garbage: David Wrigley

Another day, another piece of crap that needs to get caught under the treads of a tank.

Today's depressing news comes from Long Island where piece of garbage David Wrigley has been exposed as a cruel, sub-human piece of cat beating scum. (He's shown above with his now ex-girlfriend)

According to this article in the Daily News, the "Long Island construction worker beat and squeezed his girlfriend's two beloved cats - one to death - when they refused to play with him, cops said Tuesday." It just doesn't get any lower than this.

Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me. I don't think he wanted to play with them so much as kill them because they probably sensed what an evil piece of garbage he is. He reminds me of the father who abuses his daughter because he wanted a boy.

Why is this man still alive? Why? This woman should have taken a butcher knife to this man immediately. Because that's what I would do. Do you mean to tell me that there was NO WAY to get real justice before calling the cops? Enough already. Too many jealous boyfriends hoping that if they kill her cat(s), she may love him more. It's sickening. And besides, she only knew him for a few months. I say, "Kill the motherfucker and find another man."

Because of our lame ass legal system, this piece of used toilet paper will only face two years and probably get out early on parole. Two years is a slap on the wrist. He needs two years in the lion's den at the Bronx Zoo. We need an unstoppable animal rights activist in this city to take charge and do whatever it takes to destroy this man forever. We need the Madonna of animal rights activists. PeTA is not enough anymore. All they do is throw paint at coats and ruin runway shows. Where the hell are they when these things happen? Too busy planning another assault on a boutique.

I'd say we track this piece of garbage and give him some real justice. Let's see how tough he really is.

I have a cat, and I'd take a bullet for him. I wish, before my time is up, that I can be there to stop some piece of garbage like David Wrigley from hurting a poor defenseless animal.

David, we're coming for you. You'd better watch your mother fucking low-life back.

Two years is an absolute JOKE. So, what's your idea of justice? I have a few ideas of my own:

A) tickled with a blowtorch - for two years
B) thrown naked into a 10 foot deep pool of broken glass and rubbing alcohol
C) kidnapped, dressed like a female prostitute, then left to fend for himself in a fundamentalist Islamic nation with a tattoo that says, "Mohammed sucks" on his forehead.
D) Madeline and Jynx Foundation. First event: animal abuse fundraiser. For only $5.00, every animal lover in the entire world can line up and take a baseball bat to him like a fucking pinata. Internet donations will be allowed, so you can donate as much as you want. The money will go towards animal charities.

When I go home tonight, I will leave the computer and the TV off. I will spend quality time with my little Shadow and show him that he is truly and deeply loved. I will take out all his favorite toys and play with him until he falls asleep from exhaustion.

(thank you, Kathy, for telling me about this)


Vidis said...

What a fucking tosser man!
Ugly piece of shit he is!
Another good payback is to tie him down on a bed of scorching blades and slowly one by one pull out his nails with needle nose plyers!
- yeah - as he drowns in rubbing alcohol and glass as you mention!
Grrrrrr! said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Madonna has been known to go on the occasional hunting trip since marrying Mr. Ritchie, so animal rights activist she is not.

dave in milwaukee said...

What a total shitweasel.

Chris said...

I didn't mean it literally, Niko. I meant someone with her high profile.

Matt said...

B. Then D.

I'm gonna go give my cats some canned food. Then play with them with the little laser thingy. Then give them catnip. Then hold them until they squirm away. Then stay up all night just looking at them.

Susan said...

The piece of shit's information is:

David Wrigley
43 Virginia Court
Selden/Sayville, NY (both towns are listed in Newsday article.

If anyone knows the venue and judges name that will be handling the case, please contact: and I e mailed them, and they want to help, but need the information.

stephen l. said...

You guys are absolutely CRAZY. I'm from Miller Place, and I went to High School with Dave Wrigley. Now, the guy was disturbed then, and is disturbed now, but it's just a couple of cats. Cats are delicious!

If the game of life makes you
Feel like quittin'
It helps a lot if you

Chris said...

Go fuck yourself, Steven L. And don't comment here again, your garbage comments will be deleted.

If only you could be deleted so easily.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't believe everything you read, there is always another side of this story. Jesus said "Let no man throw stones." Has any of you ever accidentally killed a squirrel or raccoon, but no one called the police on you did they? Did it ever occur to any of you he didn't want to put his family through a trial so he pleaded guilty to an accident? Smarten up people and stop pointing fingers, it could happen to anyone.