Monday, February 11, 2008

Honey, Pass Me That Shovel

(I'm typically known for being sarcastic and witty on this blog, but I'm going to put that aside for this post. I'm also posting this here because I find that people tend to forget stories like this and I want to be able to tag them for future reference.)

There some people on this planet that just shouldn't be here. Bechir Bejaoui is one of them. According to this article in the NY Daily News, this piece of shit beat a tiny Burmese cat - and handed her back to her owner in a blood-soaked plastic bag.

There is NOTHING more disgusting than animal cruelty. Nothing gets me more pissed off, more full of rage. In reading the article, I am shocked that the owner did not pummel Bechir right into the ground on the spot. Because that's what I would do. People like Bechir Bejaoui need a far more severe punishment than he will likely get. Just ask any of the millions of cat and dog owners out there.

Though it's too late for him to get the electric chair, I'd like to propose a new sentence, but I can't make up my mind.

Which of the following sentences is most appropriate for a cowardly, lowlife animal beater?

A) a few minutes in the tiger cage at the Bronx zoo
B) a few minutes swimming in the shark-infested waters of Australia
C) a few years out in the wilderness to fend for himself
D) to be beaten by someone 10 times his size, then thrown, bloody and weak, into a plastic bag - only this bag will be sealed air tight.


Hamamama said...

a year? that's it? that is sick and wrong.

mobster said...

D all the way. But I want to be the one holding the baseball bat.

Matt said...

D. No question. Can we all share the bat and pretend he's a particularly hard-to-break-open pinata?

I'm a cat and dog owner. God help anyone who comes near them.

Chris said...

Definately, Matt. I like the way you think.

scanterberry said...

This story was covered by ABC News too. The store is Fins Fur and Feathers on 94th Street and 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge Brooklyn and the Groomer is STILL THERE! They have a sign in the window claiming it's a lie. I guess we'll see after the court case.

ABC News said...


jpgilligan said...

I would pummel the guy too , but I will leave death issues to God.

However, the main shocker is this guy is still there ? How is this possible. The animals have to be protected and what is the city doing about this ?