Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hobby Horse

Those of you who were desperately waiting for me to finish my book will have to wait a bit longer.

My new obsession is mosaic tile, something I'll dabble in on my weekends. If I'm any good at it, I'll be selling my wares at high-end boutiques all over ze vorld! I have a million and one top-secret ideas, plus a marketing blitz planned (if there's anything to market at the end of the day).

I've started a blog to document my progress. You can see it here.
But fear not, fans of Decaf. This blog isn't going anywhere.


Hamamama said...

Shards will be a fun & interesting read - but please dont forget your Decaf fans -- I need my daily fix!! :) said...


Chris said...

No, Niko, another facet of my incredibly dynamic (pathetic) life!