Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is why I should go ahead and order that disguise I've always wanted.

I'm talking to the building engineer for my office building. He's just finished repairing a certain coworker's heavy iron halogen lamp so that the head doesn't rest on her monitor and continue melting the housing, thus causing a massive 6-alarm inferno in Times Square.

Where was I? Oh yes. Something worse than a 6-alarm inferno in Times Square.

We're making small talk and suddenly he says, "I saw you coming to work this morning."

"Really? Where?" I ask, curious. "9th avenune?"

"In front of the new New York Times Building."

"Oh, I must have been pushing people out of my way," I joke, having remembered a few slow moving idiots blocking the sidewalk at that particular location.

"Yeah, you were...haulin' " he says.

The pause that he inserts right before "haulin" tells me that, had he been talking about me, instead of to me, he'd have said, "running like a girl". Embarrassed, I end our conversation and tell him to have a nice weekend.

I just need to decide what color wig to get. I'm thinking I'll go for the retro look above. I'll post a picture just as soon as I get it.


Vidis said...

Carry a medieval mace around with you to battle slow idiots in rush hour - see who says you run like a girl then!!

nikoeternal.com said...

HHmmmmmm I dont think I've commented on a comment before, but I think you should read the post again vidis!