Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Divine Intervention, I Think

Confession: Before noon today, I had consumed 4 cups of coffee. And probably a few cans of soda in between.

After pouring cup number 5 and setting it down on my desk, a shipment arrived, delaying my enjoyment of said cup of coffee. As I signed for the package, I noticed a small drop of coffee on the outside of the cup, but assumed it was from my frantic pouring manner. I left my desk to deliver the package to the recipient.

Five minutes later, the drop had turned into a leak, oozing out and into my cork coaster. I grabbed the cup, shoved a tissue into the leak, and ran into the kitchen with it, dumping the contents into a new cup.

Back at my desk, the new cup sprung a leak, worse than the first one. This time, I ran to the bathroom and dumped it, mourning the loss in my own quiet way.

What do you guys think? Random defect in two consecutive paper cups? Or divine intervention?

1 comment: said...

Five cups of caffeinated coffee AND a few sodas before noon? I'd say it was divine intervention.