Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear Lottery Commission...

What a coincidence! Just yesterday I was complaining that we haven't had snow this winter and look what happens! Snow. And lots of it.

Amazing. Then I checked my email and found this:

Dear Chris,

Be careful what you bitch for.


(Big thanks to Kathy for the use of her cool iPhone.)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out..btw I love the picture!

dave in milwaukee said...

Chris--It's nice to see that you love snow so much. Come on out here to the Heartland and I guarantee instant Nirvana (no, not the one that the late, great Kurt Cobain was in ...)

Let me know when you're arriving and I'll send a dog sled out to the airport to pick you up. And bring a coupla bags a salt witcha, hey? said...

HAPPY NOW????? >:-O said...


Chris said...


That sounds like fun. I could use a vacation!


Please cover your mouth next time.