Friday, January 11, 2008

Overheard in New York 2: McMilford

Location: Outside of Milford Plaza Hotel, lunchtime.

Female tourist: (to group of people) Is everybody okay with McDonalds?

Group: Yes.

You stupid, stupid morons. You came all the way to New York City to eat at McDonalds? Please get back on your tour bus and aim it for the airport. You're not worthy of our city. Jesus!


dave in milwaukee said...

And, no doubt, when these same dumbshits decide on "authentic" New York pizza for their next meal, they'll order it from Pizza Hut or Domino's.

Christopher said...

I was visiting NYC last October & a couple of tourists stopped me to ask if I knew where the nearest Applebees was...I wanted to punch them in the neck, but I just told them that I had no idea, and suggested they try anywhere but there...I said "you're in NY, afterall & there are so many great places to eat here"...they left to ask someone else...fools!

But I was flattered that they thought I was a local...whee!

Chris said...

Don't forget Papa John's, conveniently located not a stone's throw from Times Square. And I'd like to throw a big stone through their window.

(Great name, btw) There is no Applebees in Manhattan, but give it time. They just opened up a sad Ruby Tuesdays (just across from Red Lobster)

You'll love this part: while reading your comment, I thought "He had to have been born here."

Tourists are so afraid to try anything new, as if this is Mexico and they're going to get food poisoning by eating raw oysters on the beach.

dave in milwaukee said...

Chris--Yeah, you guessed it right. I was born in Astoria (at the late, great Boulevard Hosp.) and lived in and just outside Queens: Forest Hills and then Lawrence.

And it never ceases to amaze me how dreck like Pizza Smut, Papa Puke's, Doomino's, et al. can thrive in a city that has the world's greatest pizza. And how places like Substandardway can survive in a city renowned for its mind-blowing "heroes" and deli sandwiches. Jeez Louise, Edith! If you're gonna eat junk food, at least make it worthwhile!

Excuse me, that loud noise you hear is my stomach growling for a Sabrett "dirty water dog," Gabrila's knish and Souvlaki from the cart at Steinway and 30th Av., chased down with an ice cold C&C cola!

Great blogs, dude! Keep on telling it like it is!

Chris said...

Wow, I grew up in Astoria, too! I lived there up until a few years ago when I was able to escape.

I feel guilty that what's so easily accessible here is just a fond memory for you. You have to come visit soon. We can mock the tourists together.

dave in milwaukee said...

LOL! You got a deal! I'll treat for the street cuisine. You spring for the dessert (Italian ices in the squishy paper cup, of course). I'm drooling already!