Friday, November 2, 2007

VOID on Register Three

Dear Bitter Underpaid Gristedes Cashier,

It was so nice to see you again last night. Thanks for scanning those 3 boxes of South Beach cereal bars before I could warn you that they would probably ring up at $4.59, instead of $3.19, as per the sign right by your register.

Oh, was that your first price adjustment? It must have been, given your confusion and utter attitude at having to give someone the correct price, followed by the dirty look, sigh and call to your slob manager. (By the way, who the hell names their kid "Mery"? Was it originally Merry, but they decided you were too bitchy and took the other "r" away?)

When you came back, you attempted to use the little wrinkled paper barcode that your manager provided (whatever happened to the key?) to give you authorization, but alas, this was not to be. You yelled out, "It won't let me scan!" to your manager and sighed again.

I'm sorry that I missed my cue to say, "Oh, no, It's okay. Really. I bought them because I am desperate to have them and money is no object. I also enjoy the abuse I get here, that's why I prefer to shop here in person, rather than have my maid do all the shopping for me."

I was hoping you might accidentally ring them up at $1.39 the way you did last week, but just watching the 45 keystrokes it took to correct each of the three lines was satisfaction enough. Could the process be any more tedious? Why not just void the whole thing and start over?

In any event, South Beach cereal bars are awesome. Delicious and filling, they are the perfect breakfast bar or snack. You should buy yourself a box! But try doing a price check first.

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niko eternal said...

Looks like they have processed sugar. I dont eat anything that has sugar listed as one of the first 5 ingredients. Remember anything ending in -ose is sugar. But they do look nutty and yummy :-P