Thursday, November 8, 2007

SheBeast, Live!

This morning, I heard the SheBeast again, thumping around up there at 7:00 in the morning. No effort at all to people who might be sleeping below her. There were all sorts of mystery sounds rumbling through the ceiling. As I put on my jacket, I knew she was directly above me, getting ready to leave for work, probably as exhibit #3 at the Bronx Zoo.

I left and stood at the elevator, which was already on the way up. I watched the numbers light up and saw it stop on her floor, so I ran down the stairs again. I was hoping that I could give her the evil eye in person, since it doesn't work through the ceiling.

I stood outside the building, just off to the side, playing with my iPod. I saw her come out with a piece of rolling luggage. Finally, part of the mystery solved. That's what at least some of the noise is from. I so badly wanted to shove her into traffic.

I watched her hail a cab, likely headed for the airport. I hope this trip is at least a week long (and that the airline loses her luggage).

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